The best friend for the pets, and for our customers

We have an extensive distribution network for our products which has made possible the expansion of our business lines beyond the Spanish frontiers. We currently serve our pets´ products in more than 27 countries in a successful way and we carry on growing.

The Pet Cuisine has implemented an open trade policy which has been a key strategy towards internationalizing our products which have been certified by the competent authorities as complying with the required local quality standards.

But we are not exclusively focused on our external expansion as we also count with one of the best organized and efficient local distribution network. Our strengths are:

  • – State-of-the-art technology
  • – Global presence
  • – Local service

Please, get in touch with The Pet Cuisine to find out more about our products by completing the requested information located in the lateral banner of this page. We will clarify your queries and attend your orders and demands as soon as possible.

Together, we make the difference!